Enviromed Resources offers a wide range of customized services.
Our  staff's  extensive  background  in   Emergency   Management,
Incident Command and Emergency Response  allows us  to  tailor
each  and every  program  to your personnel  or  facility.  

Our  staff  recently designed  an  Individual and a  Mass  Casualty,
Portable Shower Decontamination Systems (PSDS)©.  This system
was designed with our lessons learned after assisting with a mass
patient  decontamination event,  following  the  Hurricane  Katrina
evacuations in 2005.

All  of  our  projects,  programs and  products  are  designed  and
constructed  in  accordance  with  OSHA, T
he Joint Commission,  
local laws  and

Please  contact  our  office  today  for  additional  information  on
what solutions Enviromed Resources can provide you.

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