Enviromed Resources
Emergency Preparedness
We are proud to say that we offer more than just a training session.

We  offer  a complete  solution to all of our clients,  and  we will tailor a
program to meet the needs  of  your  facility.  Our  staff will complete a
local  assessment  of  your  area prior to training, allowing  us to gain a
better  understanding of your hospital,  and community  and  the threats
related to them. Enviromed Resources has partnered with many of  the
top   companies  in   the   Emergency   Preparedness   arena.     These
partnerships allow us to bring state-of-the-art  equipment to your facility
and  staff  when  we  are  conducting your  training.  We  can  use  your
facility’s equipment  or  our  available  equipment cache to conduct any
training or exercise session.